Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be Catholic to attend?

No. Children of all faiths are welcome. Currently, 35% of our students are non-Catholic. Mass is celebrated as a school community on a weekly basis. Families of our students are always invited to join us.

What is the uniform policy?

Each child from kindergarten through eighth grade is required to wear a uniform in accordance with the dress code. Uniforms can be purchased through Read's Uniforms or through the used uniform exchange. Our code for Read's Uniforms is SC061

What other courses besides the basic academic core are offered?

Our elementary students receive weekly instruction in library skills, computer, music, art, physical education, and Spanish. Our middle school students receive weekly instruction in Latin, band, art, computer, physical education, and Spanish.

What does St. Joseph Catholic School have to offer my child?

The small class sizes and positive atmosphere ensure that each student reaches their full academic potential. A graduate of St. Joseph is well-prepared for high school with an excellent academic foundation, strong organizational and study skills, and an advanced vocabulary that includes an understanding of Latin and Greek roots. Students are prepared to approach both individual and group projects with confidence and possess the skills necessary to complete each with above-average competence.

St. Joseph graduates also exhibit outstanding character and a strong faith due to the integration of values and academics. Students are encouraged to be mindful of the world around them while demonstrating a love and respect for others and an interest in working for peace and justice. Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and integrity, compassion and responsibility.