ls To register your child(ren) at SJCS - Fill out our K4-8th grade registration form along with a New Student History Form.

ls Serving students of all faiths in Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties, St. Joseph Catholic School (SJCS) follows the curriculum standards of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston, which exceed national standards and those of the State of South Carolina.  Our teachers encourage each student to reach their full academic potential while integrating their studies with the faith and tradition of the Catholic Church.

ls We offer a traditional, classical education based on direct instruction, independent student inquiry, historical reenactment, and cooperative group projects.  Teachers are trained in differentiated learning techniques and offer modifications and accommodations to ensure every student's success.

ls Each week, students receive additional instruction in Music, Art, Spanish, Physical Education, and Computer Technology. Our middle school students also receive instruction in Latin or Spanish and Band.

ls Our schoolwide Saxon Math curriculum uses the spiral approach to learning by introducing a new concept and re viewing previously introduced concepts on a daily basis. Manipulatives are used to introduce advanced concepts of Algebra and Geometry to even our youngest students.

Touring and Shadowing!

Families are encouraged to learn more about all that St. Joseph Catholic School has to offer their family through a private tour led by a parent or staff member.

Parents who are considering St Joseph for their child are welcomed to schedule a day for their child to visit the school.

To request a tour or schedule a day for your child to visit, please contact the administrative assistant, Holly Hunter, by calling (864)760-1619 or E-mail